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Developers, designers, and product managers—from startups to Big Tech—do the venting. Stack Overflowed volunteers do the listening.

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No more existential crises before stand-up


We are volunteers working in tech who want to help our fellow demoralized techies. No strings attached.


We never ask for your identity or employer, so discuss as much as you want—we only ask that you respect your NDA.


Speaking to someone who understands your work problems, both technically and spiritually, is rarely free and anonymous.

Stack Overflowed enables me to freely vent about my team's outages, unlike the guy who flaked on my 45-minute meeting last Friday.

Anonymous manager
10+ years of experience


Sanity as a service with <99.999% uptime

We listen to personal problems, no matter how small or enterprise grade

Stakeholder management

Take things offline and spare your intrusive thoughts

stakeholder management

System design

When documentation makes you question if you can actually read

system design

Corporate strategy

Every bad business decision seemed like a good idea at the time

corporate strategy

My girlfriend doesn't understand why I vent about my coworker so often. Who schedules 45 minute outage reviews on Friday evening?!

Anonymous engineer
Doesn't actually have a girlfriend


Find a plan for you

We're free because you've already paid with your soul




For the artist helplessly watching their work being butchered

  • Not being taken seriously
  • Only coworker that showers
  • Nobody else cares about fonts
  • Need to touch Adobe software
  • Getting pestered by PMs
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Most popular



For the developer desperately wrestling a segfault for three hours

  • Slow compilation times
  • Unorganized documentation
  • Unresponsive teammates
  • Single
  • Getting pestered by PMs
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Product manager


For the product manager attending six back-to-back Monday meetings

  • Blamed for all product failures
  • Mundane busywork
  • Weak stakeholder influence
  • Being seen as the enemy
  • Getting pestered by customers
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Frequently asked questions

Is this real?

Yes, the hotline is real.

Who are you?

We're tech employees working across the industry and the world.

Is this affilated with Stack Overflow?


Are you even allowed to call this Stack Overflowed?

We hope so.

What's the catch here?

There isn't. We don't record, store, or sell any information during your conversation with us.

But then why do you need my phone number?

Phone calls aren't perfect, but they provide a balanced trade-off between privacy, universality, and ease of coordinating a response.

Can I volunteer for the hotline?

Give us a call and mention that you are interested in being a volunteer, at which point we will immediately convert the therapy call into a four-stage technical interview.

Or you can just email us.

Refactor your feelings with Stack Overflowed

Prevent an existential crisis just in time for standup

Dear candidate,

Thanks for your application to Stack Overflowed. Unfortunately, we won't proceed with it.

Your application revealed a stark lack of basic software development knowledge. The subpar quality of your skills and audacity to apply at Stack Overflowed are shocking. Furthermore, you are not just unattractive, but downright ugly.

We strongly suggest you consider a different career path better suited to your lack of skills –- for the sake of anyone who might accidentally come across your code in the future.

Stack Overflowed HR team